Refrigeration systems are essential for proper food preservation, especially in the commercial sector. Coolers facilitate business operations by ensuring customers enjoy fresh food and cold drinks anytime they request such orders. As such, proper maintenance of walk-in coolers is essential to ensure the machines remain in good condition and reduce the likelihood of unprecedented breakdowns. Hiring experts for routine maintenance will also help you avoid costly repairs if the coolers break down at some point. The discussion below outlines essential preventive care that will help you evade expensive Walk-in cooler repair San Antonio.

Visual Inspection of the Unit

Examine the unit for the signs of damage on copper tubing, fins, solder joints, and cabinet. Look for unusual or excessive vibration of sheet metal panels and fan blades when the machine is operating. We inspect the cooler comprehensively to establish the fan cells causing the strange vibration on the motor and blades carefully. Our experts will also assess the unit for return bends, coil fins, and headers to look for stains.

Cleaning Evaporator Coils and Blades

Our routine maintenance practices on coolers involve thorough brushing, pressurized water or commercial evaporators, coil cleaners, or special detergent. We highly discourage acid-based cleaners at any point. Our experts will always flush the coils until they confirm no residue remains whenever you need commercial refrigeration contractors near me. We also pay attention to the drain line, trap, and drain pan to ensure they are in good condition to avoid repair issues.

Check the Operation of all Fans

It is always prudent to assess if each fan rotates quietly and freely to ensure air flow s without obstruction. We help you change any fan that does not turn smoothly and produces unusual sounds in the coolers. Our inspections extend to the screws and relevant tightening if they are loose. We shall also assist you to replace bent, cracked, or worn-out blades for comprehensive commercial refrigeration repair service. The other essential aspect in our assessment is lubricating the motors and ensuring they are perfectly fastened to the rail.

Inspection of Electrical Components and Wiring

Our routine maintenance involves proper inspection of the wiring for discoloration, kinks, bare areas, and wear. The next task for our experts is to replace the wires they fin with damages or work out. The other thing of the work is assessing if the connections are secure and necessary tightening. We also address any abnormal accumulation of ice and adjust the defrost cycles as appropriate.